Terms and conditions

Sales and delivery terms

General Information

Nature Planet is a Danish company supplying soft toys and toys.

www.shop.natureplanet.dk (hereafter named ”the website”) is delivered by Nature Planet ApS, registered on the below adress:

Nature Planet ApS
Stensgaardvej 9

5500 Middelfart


VAT NO: 28985118

Are you experiencing issues with the website, please contact our customer service:

Tel: +45 6441 4664

Email shop@natureplanet.dk


Please read below terms and conditions before shopping on shop.natureplanet.dk


These terms and conditions (”terms”) are used, when you are ordering or shopping on the website.

The terms are subject to change, therefore we ask you to confirm the terms every time you are shopping with Nature Planet.

If you do not accept our terms and conditions, you unfortunately cannot shop at the webshop.

You are entitled to return your goods within 30 days after accepting your product. Read more about our return conditions under ”Return Policy”.



Ordering of our products can only be accepted on the webshop. We cannot handle orders by email, fax or regular mail.

The webshop is open 24 hours. However it can be down due to maintenance issues. If you are experiencing any difficulties or malfunctions please contact our customer service department.  

An order placed on a Danish bank holiday or a weekend, will be handled the first coming weekday.

You have to use a valid credit card in order to shop at the webshop.

We only deliver parcels to authorized parcel pick up locations. See locations near you when you purchase your products.

We only ship products within EU to selected countries. We reserve the rights to cancel any order coming from outside EU.

We always reserve the rights to cancel an order, without being held responsible for any costs, under the following circumstances:

  • You have given incorrect or invalid payment information
  • Your order have been placed with the purpose of fraud or any other criminal intention.
  • There has been a mistake in the backend system of the webshop which we could not have foreseen.


Confirmed order information

Before confirming your order, you have the opportunity to change the information you have provided. You also have the opportunity to change or remove items from you cart.

When clicking ”Approve payment” you will see an order confirmation on your screen. From that point on you have confirmed you order, and you have made an agreement to purchase products from Nature Planet, and we will proceed with the order. For more info see “Return policy”.


Payment methods

We accept the following payments:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • Diners Club


Payment procedure

When your order leaves our warehouse with our transportation partner, your payment will be processed through your chosen payment method.



All prices on the webshop are incl. VAT. Transport costs will be added and shown when you checkout.

Transport cost will vary from country to country, and will be visible as a separate line on the order confirmation.



The prices shown on the webshop is currently only available in Euro.



We are happy to ship Nature Planet products to customers in EU:

  •  Denmark - 1-3 work days
  •  France - 3-5 work days
  •  Holland - 2-4 work days
  •  Italy - 3-7 work days
  •  Spain - 4-7 work days
  •  Germany - 2-4 work days
  •  Rest of EU countries - 2 -7 work days


Delivery terms

Your products will be delivered to the parcel pick up station, you have chosen when placing your order.

Delivery info will be given to you directly by our distribution partners.

Please note, you carry full product liability after receiving the product. If the product appears broken or damaged, you must inform Nature Planet immediately.


Delivery charge

A minor freight charge will be added to all small orders. Nature Planet also offers free delivery on orders from 70€. All details on freight costs and free deliveries is shown in the order process during check out.


Return policy

Should you want to return a Nature Planet product, you can do so within 30 days of receiving the goods.

In order to return the product, you have to contact Nature Planet via shop@natureplanet.dk, before sending us your product. Always include a copy of the invoice in the package when returning your product.

We will upon receiving the goods, and after checking the product for any damages or misuse, refund the full price with the same payment method or credit card, which was used when paying for the product.

All costs related to the return of the products is to be covered by you as the customer. You must return the product within 14 days after making a return agreement with Nature Planet.

We always recommend you to keep a return receipt from the transporter in order for you to document, that the products have been shipped.

Damaged products or failed delivery

If your product appears damaged or if you have received wrong products, you have to contact our customers service department immediately upon reception of your package. Customer service can be contacted via shop@natureplanet.dk Please indicate your order number and the product name when contacting us. Also describe the damage or circumstance of why you are contacting us.


Personal data

In order to shop on the website we ask you to inform about the following personal data:

Name (First name & surname)


Email adress

Tel. No.

We only register above personal data with the sole purpose to sell and deliver goods to you. By agreeing to the terms on our website, you agree to this. We only register the above, and do no keep any sensitive data.


Other issues

Website information

We try our outmost to keep all data, prices and product information as correct as possible. Sold out products, errors in prices or product information can occur.

Force Majeure

Nature Planet cannot be held accountable for any circumstances or obligations beyond our control.

Injury related to play with our products

Nature Planet cannot be held accountable for any injury, damage or fatality related to the use of any Nature Planet product.


You are always welcome to complain about products or our services to our Customer Service department. You can contact us by either email og phone.

Intellectual property and design

All information found on the website is owned by Nature Planet, and cannot be used without the content of Nature Planet. Moreover, the design on the soft toys is also owned by Nature Planet, and cannot be used by any other party.


Any agreement made between Nature Planet and our customers is under Danish Juristiction and law. Any legal matter between the parties will also be settled under Danish Law in Denmark.