Make a difference

We do our best

Nature Planet wants to make a difference and it is a part of our mission statement. We are therefore proud to be working alongside and supporting Plan International. Each time we sell a product from our PLAN and Save the Orangutan range 5 % is donated to one of the respective organizations.
When buying products from the Plan range, you as a customer are directly contributing towards making a difference.

PLAN International

Since 2009 Nature Planet has changed daily life for thousands of children in Indonesia and Nepal – you ensure vulnerable children quality education, a safe childhood, and a brighter future. We greatly appreciate our partnership. On behalf of the children and their families thank you for your loyal support and donations, which make a huge difference in their lives. Warm greetings from all of us at Plan.

Dorthe Petersen,
CEO, Plan International Denmark,

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Our CSR policy

Environment and sustainability

At Nature Planet, we care about the environment. This means that we deliberately choose the sustainable alternative whenever this is feasible.
In effect, we do this primarily through:

Reducing, re-using and removing plastic whenever possible
Our hang-tags are made from recycled paper and the text is written with soy ink. The soy ink makes it easier to recycle the paper it is written on and is by far the better alternative for the environment, when compared to regular petroleum based ink.
The hang-tags are attached to the products with organic, biodegradable cotton strings, instead of plastic.
Furthermore, we recycle plastic bottles in our lanyards and shopping bag products.
Our aim is to completely remove plastic packaging from all our product lines. We have come a long way and will continue to work hard on making it happen within the next couple of years.

Implementation of Bamboo products
Our Bamboo product line consists of products made out of 45% bamboo, 35% rice husks and 20% melamine.
The only reason melamine is used in the production is to bind together the bamboo, which would otherwise not be possible.
Bamboo is the greener alternative to traditional wood, as it takes bamboo 3-5 years to mature, compared to 30-50 years for most other sources of wood, meaning that the bamboo can be reproduced almost as fast as it is harvested.

Implementation of OEKO TEX certified products
We currently supply our customers with an OEKO product line.
Our OEKO product line is OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certified. In short, the STANDARD 100 is the leading certification for products that not only live up to the strict international and national rules of product safety, but go far beyond that. This ensures that our consumers have the option to buy from us with a clear conscience in regards to any potentially harmful materials.

Applying sustainable business practices
We believe that sustainability needs to apply not only to our products but also to our people and business practices. Therefore, we aim to use minimal amount of printing paper. This is achieved by digitally managing the ordering and packing process. Double sided printing is the norm to reduce usage

Producing Rainforest Alliance certified catalogues
The green frog seal of the Rainforest Alliance indicates that the paper used in the production of the product meets standards that require environmental, social and economic sustainability.
We send out thousands of catalogues every year to customers and prospects and to protect the environment, we make sure that each and every one of those are Rainforest Alliance certified.